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Hey! I'm an actor, producer and writer based in Catskill, NY. I happily work across various formats and genres.

My voiceover clients include Netflix, Wondery, Warner Brothers Discovery Podcasts, Yelp, Vox Media, Nextdoor, CNN/Courageous Studios, CNN International, Rebel Girls, The Ad Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Salesforce, and Reforge. I narrated all four episodes of the Netflix original documentary series BROKEN. You can find my demos and agent contacts here.


I also act on-camera and am currently in post-production on a short satirical film called CHLOROPHYLL. It's about a deluded social media influencer with a houseplant addiction. In a past life, I produced documentary series for CNN, Showtime, ESPN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery ID and others. 


My work makes me very content but everyone needs a break. I love exploring the Catskill Mountains, dancing, and hanging out with a retired racehorse named Rome (whose father won the Kentucky Derby .. he wanted you to know that).

Send a note - say hello!

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